Sequencing Quiz

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of sequencing by locating story events in relation to when they occurred.

Big Idea

Students read short stories and answer sequencing questions.


10 minutes

Even though I taught sequencing at the beginning of the school year, I conduct spiral reviews throughout the year. I have found that students can forget skills if they see them only once or a great deal of time has passed. Spiral reviews provide practice through a variety of contexts. We have been reviewing sequencing while studying myths. To assess their retention, I gave students a quiz on sequencing. The stories on the quiz were not myths. It is important to focus on the skill rather than the genre. In other words, students should be able master the skill of sequencing regardless of story type.

In this assessment, student read different stories provided in a test bank through a district subscription. I wrote five multiple choice sequencing questions based on the stories. A score of 80% was considered mastery.