Math Mania: Unit Review (Day 2)

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Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of numbers 0-20 and beyond.

Big Idea

It's time to find out how much the students have learned about numbers with this fun review lesson!

Review Activity 1

15 minutes

This lesson consists of two review activities to help prepare students for the unit assessment.  I focused on the skills that the students found the most challenging during my instruction.  This lesson could be combined with Review Day 1 if you would like.  Instead of running two review activities each day day, you could divide your class into four groups and run four different activities each day, completing two the first day and two the second day.

For this activities you will need Skip Count Review Puzzles included as a PDF with this lesson.  There are two different colored puzzles, one counting by 5s and one counting by 10s.  I print the puzzles on a color printer and laminate them for durability.  I print one puzzle for each student who will be working in this group.  The ends of the puzzles need to be trimmed and then each puzzle needs to be cut into individual pieces.  I then clip each individual puzzle together or the pieces could be placed in an envelope.  The students will need the black and white recording sheet as well.

I divide the class in half and I explain to them, You are going to be putting together some puzzles.  You will need to use what you know about skip counting to solve the puzzles.  One puzzle is counting by 10s, the other by 5s.  Put the puzzle together by putting the pieces in skip count order.  When you are done, I will come and check your work, they you will write the numbers on the black and white sheet.  You can take this sheet home, color it and cut it apart.  You can use it to practice skip counting.

The students begin putting the puzzles together.  See video.  I check their work when they have the puzzle completed and have them count aloud while pointing to the numbers.  After they record the numbers, they put their sheet in their mailboxes.  

Review Activity 2

15 minutes

For the second review activity, you will need the Blocks In Bloom Base Ten Blocks Review included as a PDF with this lesson.  I print the flowers on a colored printer, laminate and cut out.  I print enough sets so there is one for every two students. 

I partner the students up.  Again, I try to partner students who are struggling with this skill with a student with stronger skills.  I explain to the students, "You are going to match flowers to the correct pots.  Look at the pot and count the number shown by the base ten blocks.  Find the flower with that number and put it in the pot.  When you have all of your flowers and pots matched up, raise your hand and I will check your work.  You can then record your answers on the recording sheet.  Match the letter on the pot to the one on the worksheet and write the number that goes with that pot."  

The students begin working and I circulate around them to observe their work.  See video.  I use questioning when I spot any mistakes.  Students can use classroom supports such as the classroom number line or grid. I am specifically listening for the students to skip count by 10s and switch to ones when counting the blocks.  I check the students work before they complete the recording sheet and help them correct any mistakes.  They put the worksheet in their mailbox and place all pieces bag in the storage bag when done.