Mars One Close Read - Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

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SWBAT integrate information from two texts on the Mars One project in order to speak about the subject knowledgeably.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students will be integrating the knowledge they have gained on the Mars One Project from multiple sources as they participate in meaningful group discussions.


iPad Exploration

20 minutes

We have been reading an article on the Mars One project entitled "Reality Series From Lionsgate TV & Roy Bank To Chronicle Mission To Colonize Mars" by Nellie Andreeva during our close read unit.  In this lesson, we will be gaining additional information on Mars One in order to speak knowledgeably on the topic in a small group discussion.

To begin our lesson, we will explore the FAQ section of the Mars One website on our iPads.  

I will instruct the students to work in pairs exploring the website using the iPads.  They can read through the questions and answers that interest them.  Their job is to have a better understanding of the project so that they can discuss the project in a small group setting later on in the lesson.  

Andreeva, N. (March 12, 2014). Reality Series From Lionsgate TV & Roy Bank To Chronicle Mission To Colonize Mars. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved March 24, 2014.

Mars One Project Finalists Video Clip

10 minutes

After the students have had a chance to explore the Mars One project website, I will show the following video clip of an interview of four finalist in the project who are from our home state of Utah. 

Before viewing the video clip, I will ask the students to remember that these are real people who hope to spend the rest of their lives on Mars.  They are not actors.  

Student Lead Group Discussions

20 minutes

Now that the students are experts on the Mars One Project, we will hold small group discussions on the project.  Each person in the group will be asked to share their thoughts on the project as the students take turns asking the discussion questions to the rest of the group and also responding to the questions.

I have included the small group discussion questions in the resources.  The students will be not only allowed, but encouraged to use the Mars One website and the Mars One article in their small group discussions.

Most of the students at this point of the year are eager to share their thought in small groups, but there are still a few students who are reluctant to share.  I will walk listen in to the student discussions and prompt reluctant participants when I identify them.  I will also pose additional questions for the groups to discuss based on their comments.