Previewing the Book

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SWBAT: set a purpose for reading and gain some background knowledge before beginning a new class novel, "Extra Credit" by Andrew Clements.

Big Idea

By setting a purpose for reading, students will be better equipped to comprehend our class novel.


35 minutes

Setting a purpose is really important for emerging and struggling readers. In this lesson, we prepare to read our book, Extra Credit. Extra Credit is about a 6th grade girl from Illinois named Abby and her pen pal, Sadeed in Afghanistan. I gave each student a copy of the book and have them hold it and flip through it. As they are skimming and scanning, I instruct them to stop and read some words to see if the book is going to be a "good fit."

Some of the students I had in my Summer Bridge reading program could connect to another Andrew Clements book, Frindle, because we read it during the summer.

When we finished just noticing the book, I gave them the Book Preview sheet and had the kids work individually on it. When they were finished, we talked about what we noticed and shared our thoughts.

This student example shows that the kids had some misconceptions, which is okay--they haven't actually read the book yet. This student thought that "Sadeed" (the main character's name) was a vocabulary word she did not know. She went as far as to look it up in the dictionary and define it.