Practical Practice

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SWBAT: read and comprehend realistic and authentic texts.

Big Idea

By using the fabulous reading cards, "Practical Practice," Response to Intervention students read authentic texts in preparation for life.


30 minutes

When I taught our Summer Bridge Summer Reading Program for incoming 6th graders, who are struggling readers, we often played this game if we had extra time. They loved it, and I saw great value in it because students were practicing reading skills without realizing it.

The cards are from an activity collection called "Practical Practice." For this lesson, I used the First Aid Instructions, and the How to Make a Paper Airplane instructions. I split the kids into two teams and they share a card. They then are asked corresponding comprehension questions (like First Aid Comprehension Questions and Paper Airplane Comprehension Questions). If I had a buzzer, I'd use it but I just have the kids slam their hands on the table to indicate that they have the answers.

I might give prizes like pencils or bookmarks to the winning team.