Passing of Time

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SWBAT: understand what skills and concepts they'll need for the Embedded Assessment, and begin brainstorming for their research project.

Big Idea

Kids will be Unpacking the Embedded Assessments, and their brains!

Guiding Question

5 minutes

The Guiding Question is a sort of precursor for tomorrow's lesson. I want them understanding that there is a link between time and change. It sounds pretty obvious to me, but it seems that SpringBoard wouldn't build a whole unit around how these two concepts work together, if 6th graders already knew they worked together...

Tomorrow's lesson will have them "visualize" the concepts of time and change, but since, for today's lesson, we are working on how items change over time, it made sense to me to get them thinking about it now.


50 minutes

For the first part of this lesson, students will be Unpacking the Embedded Assessment. We've done this several times now, so it is almost like second nature. I use the stoplight method for this. Students use three different colors of highlighters or colored pencils to indicate what skills or concepts they are doing well with (green), what they may need support with (yellow), and what they need reteaching on (red).

Next, we are beginning to think about the Embedded Assessment. They need to narrow down a topic for their research pieces, so the brainstorming chart is a way to do that.

Also, students will be asked to quick write a beginning of their research project, complete with transitions related to time.