Claims, Evidence, Explanation

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SWBAT: understand the concepts of claims, evidence, and explanation.

Big Idea

In this introductory lesson, students will learn the about claims, evidence, and explanation.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

This lesson was taught pretty soon after we came back from Winter Break and after a long string of snow days. When I was wandering around the classroom conferring with kids, I found that some of my kids hadn't read at all during this opportunity.

This Guiding Question acknowledges that I am aware of their losing ground, and I want them to reflect on it. Sometimes there's nothing like your teacher calling you out to make you work harder!


50 minutes

Since this was the introductory lesson to our unit, I thought that the students needed some direct instruction (it's something I don't often do). To this end, I used the Claims, Evidence, and Explanation PowerPoint presentation, but made sure each kid had a copy in from of them so that, as I spoke, they could write down notes or connections.

The next part of the lesson had the kids read an article on Subtext about polar bear populations and global warming. The article is from the National Wildlife Federation, and does make the claim that global warming is threatening polar bear populations. However, it isn't until further in the article that this happens. My students did a nice job of collaborating, as seen here in the peer questioning example and explained here:

When students were finished reading, they identified the claims, evidence, and explanation in the Graphic Organizer.