Intro to Research

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SWBAT: understand what research is, and the difference between primary and secondary sources.

Big Idea

Students preview the unit, and sort sources.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

This Guiding Question is certainly an example of using a the GQ as a pre-assessment. I thought they would know what research is, but I didn't think they'd really know the difference between primary and secondary sources. 

Most of my classes we able to kind of figure out what the answers were by talking to each other:


50 minutes

For the first part of the lesson, I read aloud the Previewing the Unit excerpt from our SpringBoard books. As I read, I was thinking aloud about the research we've already done this year (using our claims and evidence from The Fourth Stall as an example), and how research is done to prove a point (like in the Bigfoot article we read). 

I think it was important to reiterate that the research takes a lot more time than the writing. I'll keep reminding the kids of this as we get knee-deep in research.

I also spent a lot of time explaining the difference between primary and secondary sources: using Abraham Lincoln as an example: his speech was a primary text, a biography about him is considered secondary. His top hat is a primary source, an article about his presidential style is secondary.

Lastly, I created the source sort, and had kids physically categorize what might be a primary and secondary source. I did this by table so that all students felt comfortable participating, even if they weren't sure about the concept of sources yet.