Mars One Close Read - Craft and Structure

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SWBAT identify the structure of the article as well as determine the meanings of unfamiliar words within the text.

Big Idea

In this lesson we will be taking a close look at the craft, structure, and vocabulary of the article "Reality Series From Lionsgate TV & Roy Bank To Chronicle Mission To Colonize Mars." This article is based on the Mars One project.


Close Read - Second Read

20 minutes

One of the important components of a close read is to reread the text. Students need to understand that all readers, adults included, glean new ideas and information from a text while reading it for a second time that they missed the first time they read the piece.  When rereading the text, it is not always necessary to reread the entire piece.  You may want to focus the students' attention on a certain section of the text.  Today, I will have the students reread the complete article for two reasons.  First, the article is short and second, I want the students to reread the text to analyze the structure of text and determine what type of structure was used. For example, chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution.  Students need to back up their analysis of the text structure with evidence from the text.   I will have the students jot down evidence from the text by using their whiteboards and dry erase markers.

After students have finished reading and analyzing the structure of the text, I will have them share what they came up with during a class discussion.  

Andreeva, N. (March 12, 2014). Reality Series From Lionsgate TV & Roy Bank To Chronicle Mission To Colonize Mars. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved March 24, 2014.

Vocabulary Discussion

15 minutes

After identifying the structure of the text, we will identify words from the article which were unfamiliar.  We will take a look at words that students were able to find the meaning of within the text and words that students are still unsure of the meanings of.  We will use dictionaries to help us understand the meaning of words we are unable to define.  

Summarizing the Article

15 minutes

To conclude our lesson today, I will have them summarize the text.  This should be more easily accomplished now that the students have read through the article two times.  I will remind the students that a good summary is brief, includes the main idea or ideas, and details that support the main idea(s).