Dystopian Novel Timed Write

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SWBAT draw evidence from literary text to support claims by writing a well-organized in class essay on a dystopian novel.

Big Idea

Now is their chance to show me what they know and weave a well-written response to their choice novel's message and strategy.

Setting Up Today's Assessment

5 minutes

As we have been working on preparing for this for a couple of days, I hope there won't be much need to explain what needs to happen today, but I will remind them to make sure that they are specific and that they use text-based evidence to support their claims/arguments (W.9-10.1a) based on the observations I made while reading their thesis statements from yesterday. Specifically, I will ask them to look back to the prompt

Dystopian Fiction Timed Write

40 minutes

The majority of the class period today will be given to students to write their final responses to their novels. 

My 10th grade colleagues and I decided to do this as an in class timed writing for a couple of reasons. First, we want to limit them so that they have no choice by to limit their ideas down into one really good claim that they can support with evidence from their book (W.9-10.1). Second, we felt like the blogs were getting a little overwhelming and, since this is an assessment of their ability to utilize literary evidence to support their interpretation of their books (W.9-10.9), we also thought that a more formal writing style would be more conducive. Finally, we feel it is important for students to have timed pressure on occasion. It helps them to work on the thinking skill of planning and drafting a piece of writing in a limited amount of time, which is a skill that all of us need to have. 

I will ask students to read if they finish early. 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

10 minutes

I will give them a ten minute warning at the end of class, but won't necessarily ask them to stop writing.

Just as my peers and I decided that a timed write was the best format for this assessment, we also decided that it is also important for students to recognize that many times your first draft is not your best draft. With that in mind, we will allow students the chance to re-write their final drafts into turnitin.com over the weekend, which I will announce at this time (W.9-10.5).

I will tell students to look back over their drafts to determine if their argument supports the claims they are making with logical reasoning, organization and with sufficient evidence (W.9-10.1and W.9-10.1d). If they feel like their writing meets those standards, I will let them turn in their written draft. If it does not, I will ask them to take the extra time that is offered and write me something better over the weekend.