Using Textual Evidence

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SWBAT use appropriate verbs to create cohesion while incorporating textual evidence.

Big Idea

Don't Dangle - Incorporate Textual Evidence into your writing.


10 minutes

Throughout the novel, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, students wrote analytical responses integrating textual evidence to support their claims.  Because many students incorrectly notated the evidence in their writing, I began today’s lesson reviewing the requirements as found on screen 2 of the "Textual Evidence" Power Point.

Next, we examined the list of “Textual Evidence Verbs that is posted in the classroom and in their notebooks (screen 3).  I explained that using these verbs or forms of these verbs can create a fluent sentence stating their idea and evidence as one sentence.  It is not appropriate to just drop the textual evidence in a paragraph without connecting it in some manner to your writing.


15 minutes

Screens 4 – 6 provided examples demonstrating the use of “Textual Evidence” Verbs.  We discussed the fluency that these verbs created in combining the claim with the evidence.

 Next students combined the sentences independently (screen 7) and discussed problems they had with this task.


20 minutes

Students chose one of their recent analysis writing pieces and revised using this technique.