Video Game Violence: Claims and Evidence

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SWBAT: read an opinion piece to locate claims and evidence.

Big Idea

A hot topic with my students! Will they be able to read it solely to identify claims and evidence, without giving their own opinions?

Guiding Question

5 minutes

Sometimes I find that my kids need a brief review. They need reiteration that all of these lessons that we're doing have a common theme. This Guiding Question is a response to that. It asks that they synthesize all the recent claims and evidence that we've identified. Sometimes I feel the need to revisit a previous lesson, just to be sure they understand important concepts.


50 minutes

In thinking about topics that my students are engaged in, it only made sense to give them the argumentative piece about video games and violence. This opinion piece from CNN is nice because it uses clear claims and evidence to make it easy for my students to identify.

I uploaded the piece to Subtext and had my students collaboratively identify the argument (namely the claims and evidence), but they also had a lot to say to each other.