Can Carrots Really Improve Your Eyesight?

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SWBAT: read an article and identify claims and evidence.

Big Idea

This article is either going to convince your students to eat more carrots, or continue consuming large amounts of candy.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

The Guiding Question was a way for me to gauge whether or not my students understood that argumentative texts essentially follow a pattern. I know, as a proficient reader, that I can generally find a thesis, or an argument, in the first paragraph and that the claim will be restated near the end.


50 minutes

This article was one I found when I was researching claims and evidence. I was thinking they've probably heard their mothers or caregivers give the ole' "eating carrots is good for your eyes" speech a million times, so it'd be good to address. It has both, and are pretty easy to find for 6th graders. I was fortunate enough to have the cart of iPads on the day we read it, so I uploaded it to Subtext, and the students were able to collaboratively identify the claims and evidence.

Another great feature of Subtext is the ability to insert quizzes and polls, not just the teacher, but by the students, as well.