Write A Different Fact Game

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SWBAT use knowledge of multiplication facts to play a math fact fluency game.

Big Idea

Practicing multiplication facts in a game format makes an otherwise tedious task engaging!

Mini Lesson

5 minutes

Because the Common Core Standards require students to develop fluency in both multiplication and division facts to 100, practicing in a game format allows the students to demonstrate mastery without using a timed test. This game also allows students to create a strategy for winning.  

Rules of the Game:  

  • Each small group of students of five or less students is given a common factor between zero and ten.  This factor is used throughout the game, until one person wins the game.  
  • Using whiteboards, students individually write a multiplication sentence including the product. 
  • The goal is to write a different fact from everyone else in the group to stay in the game.  


The two ways students are eliminated from the game are if they solve the fact incorrectly, or if they write the same fact as another student in their group.  When the game is down to two students create additional challenges by switching it to division, or declare both students as winners.  

Playing The Game

20 minutes

Creating groups of students between six and eight makes this game more competitive at the early stages, and also allows students time to think about facts if they need the processing time. 

The role of the teacher is to call the signal for writing the fact and then determining when to show the facts.  As the year progresses, the amount of time given reduces to create the challenge for students.  

Students love this game to practice their facts.