The 100th Day: More Practice Skip Counting by 10s

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Students will be able to skip count by 10s.

Big Idea

The 100th day of school is always filled with excitement. It also allows a great opportunity to reinforce skip counting by 10s.


10 minutes

For this lesson, we are reviewing the concept of counting by 10s.  It is a perfect day to practice counting by 10s because it is the 100th day of school. 

To review the concepts from the previous lesson, I use the 100th Day Skip Counting SMART Board file. If you have a different type of interactive whiteboard, you can still use this lesson by opening the file in Smart Notebook Express.  There is also a PDF you can use to recreate this part of the lesson.

I gather my students in front of the SMART Board.  I have cards with each student's name on.  These cards are used for selecting who will come up to the SMART Board.

I open the first slide (SMART Board  Slide 1) with the lesson objective written in "student friendly" terms.  There is a content objective and a language objective to help focus on vocabulary expansion for my English Learners (ELs) to be congruent with SIOP instructional techniques. I read these objectives aloud for my students.

Content Objective
I can skip count to 100 by 10s.

Language Objective
I can tell a friend what number comes next when skip counting by 10s.

Slide 2:  It's the 100th day of school let's celebrate!!  Can you count to 100 by tens?

Slide 3:  Let's count some snacks!  I invite students to come up to the board to count the snacks.  I have multiple students come up so i can see if they understand what number comes next when counting by 10s.  When they are done, we count aloud by 10s the number of snacks.

Slides 4 and 5:  Continue as above. 

Slide 6:  It is now Turn and Talk time.  This is the time I build into my lessons for my students to practice their academic vocabulary.  This is especially helpful for my English Language Learners.   Every student in my class has a Turn and Talk partner.  They hold hands with their partner and hold them up in the air so I can check to see that everyone has a partner. 
I then ask them the question, My friend was counting these snacks.  What number comes next? How do you know?  The students start talking and when they are done with their discussion, I call on one student to share their discussion with the class.  The student explains to the class that 80 is the next number and that she knows it is next because that is the number she says after 70 when counting by 10s. 
I prompt her to discuss the hundreds chart as well and she point out to the class that 80 is after 70 in the last column of the hundreds chart.  I restate her answer for the class.
It is now time to move back to our tables for guided practice. 

Guided Practice

15 minutes

For the guided portion of the lesson, the students will be enjoying a 100th Day snack.  In the week prior to the 100th Day of school, the students receive a letter asking them to bring in a specific snack to share for our 100th Day snack.  The list includes some of the following items:  Kix Cereal, Cheetos, cheese puff balls, licorice pieces, chocolate chips, corn chips, potato chips, marshmallows, etc.  The treats are put into bowls with spoons so they can be served "family style" for the snack. 

You will also need a 100th Day Snack Mat for the students to put their snacks on. Depending upon the size snack you are serving, you may want to enlarge the sheet.  I enlarge to an 11x17 piece of paper. 

After the students get their mat, they are instructed to count out 10 pieces of 10 different kinds of snacks.  They are to place each snack on a section of the mat.   When they are all done, we count the snacks as a group as they point to each section on the mat. 

After we are done counting the snack, the students get a chance to enjoy their treats before they do their independent practice.

Independent Practice and Informal Assessment

10 minutes

For this portion of the lesson, you will need the 100th Day Snacks Activity Sheet

After the students have enjoyed their snacks, I tell the students, I want to see how well you can skip count by 10s.  This sheet has different kinds of snacks on it.  Each snack is in a group of ten.  I want you to skip count the snacks, writing the numbers by 10s under each snack.  At the end of each group of snacks is a box with a question.  It asks you if there are 100 snacks in that group.  You need to answer "yes" or "no" by checking the correct box.  When you are all done with the activity sheet, I will check your work before you put it in your mailboxes. 

The students begin their work and I circulate around the room, correcting any mistakes that I see.  As the students complete the sheet, I check it over before they put it in their mailboxes.