Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers (Day 2)

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SWBAT multiply fractions by whole numbers.

Big Idea

Students continue to work on problem based tasks that involve multiplying fractions by whole numbers.


15 minutes

This lesson is a continuation from yesterday's lesson.  To launch students' thinking, I start with the ticket out from yesterday's class.  I post the lion problem on the board and then share three example responses that were common for most of the class.  

I facilitate students' discussion about these solutions and help identify common errors.  This review is important because when students' return to the problem solving tasks that they started yesterday, they can look for these errors in their work.

I start the discussion with an error that was made by a few students.  Before beginning, I share with the class that mistakes are an important part of our learning process and that we can really learn from our own mistakes and also by helping others.  Since the students are working in collaborative groups, I do not want to meet with just the students who made the error.  I want to discuss this as a class to demonstrate how others can recognize an error and also help students understand where they went wrong.  

There are three clips from this part of the lesson, these clips demonstrate that identifying mistakes and then explaining them require scaffolding and progression.  This is a rigorous activity in which students have to understand the incorrect thinking of someone else and then explain why it is wrong. 

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Students continue to work on problem based tasks from yesterday's lesson. Collaboration is encouraged between students working on the same problem sets.  Students are encouraged to ask for help, and also to help those who as. 

A clip of two students working collaboratively is included.

Group Share

5 minutes

Students work in their groups to share their answers and discuss various strategies used.  They then compare their work to an answer key.  Providing students with the correct answers allows them to have immediate feedback about their work.  

This group share is unique from most of our "whole group shares" because students only share with in the group that they were working with.  At this time, students take turns explaining how they solved a problem and the answers they got.  Other members of the group respond by sharing how they approached the same problem or offer thoughts about how they would have.

Clips of students sharing their work are shared.