Cubic Functions Summative Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their mastery of the key ideas and skills of the Cubic Function Unit.

Big Idea

Give students the opportunity to show what they have learned at several different levels of difficulty.

Summative Assessment

60 minutes

After the student choice involved in the practice quiz yesterday, I decided to set the official quiz up using levels. Based on my observations during student work time yesterday, I decided that it would work best this way. The way this quiz is set up more or less matches what students ended up choosing yesterday—however the “Level C” material is very challenging, so I allowed students who opted into this challenging level to choose some problems to solve and others not to, because I don’t want it to be so hard that everyone just chooses the easier level.

Use this as a resource—I find myself constantly changing problems, even from class to class, or allowing students to work on problems from different levels. My objective is that students are working on problems that challenge them but not so much that they can’t even begin to start.

I gave students an hour or so to work—from the moment class began. Once students finished, I gave them time to complete any assessments from the week that they hadn’t completed, so that they could turn these in along with their summative assessment.