Claims, Evidence, and Crust?

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SWBAT: read an article and make a claim about the nutritional value of the crust of the bread.

Big Idea

It might be fun to debunk your Mother's plea, or was she right all along?

Guiding Question

5 minutes

This Guiding Question was written because I began to think there was a pattern to finding claims and evidence in the text and that kids needed to know those shortcuts. Think about it: most claims are in the thesis (in the first paragraph), and other claims are in the topic sentences. I think that, especially with my struggling students, a pattern is necessary to begin understanding this concepts when locating in an argumentative piece.


50 minutes

About the Read-Aloud portion of the lesson:

The next chunk of the lesson had the kids switch back their thinking to the Guiding Question and think about where to locate the claims and evidence in a article about the Crust of the bread. As students read, they were expected to annotate in two ways. See this video about how my kids annotate.