Absolutely Positively the Opposite of Negative

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SWBAT demonstrate the meaning of absolute value as well as the opposite of an integer.

Big Idea

When a negative is positive and a positive is negative: Understanding absolute value and opposites.

Curriculum Reinforcer

10 minutes

Students will complete 3 problems to review units 1 through 6. The curriculum reinforcer, is a daily practice piece that is incorporated into almost every lesson to help my students to retain skills and conceptual understanding from earlier lessons. My strategy is to use Spiraled Review to help my students retain what they learned during the earlier part of the year. This will help me to keep mathematical concepts fresh in the students mind so that the knowledge of these concepts become a part of students' long term memories.


10 minutes

For today’s opening, my students will watch this video which, introduces the concept of integers and absolute value. While the video is playing, the students should be taking notes.


Instruction & Teacher Modeling

10 minutes

After my students watch the opening video, we will discuss the meaning of absolute value and opposites both of which were introduced in the video.

During this instructional piece, I will ensure that my students learn the following:

  • Absolute value is how far a number is from zero.
  • Absolute value denotes distance and therefore cannot be negative.
  • The opposite of a positive number is that same number except it would be negative.
  • The opposite of the opposite of a positive number is that same positive number as is.
  • How to calculate using the absolute value of an number.

Try It Out

5 minutes

For the guided practice portion of this lesson, I will have my students practice finding the absolute value of 4 rational numbers. I will then have them practice finding the opposites and opposites of opposites of 4 numbers. Then, the students will calculate two problems using absolute value.

Independent Exploration

20 minutes

Students will complete a worksheet to practice the concept of absolute value and opposites.


Students will complete the “Above & Below” Sea level task to demonstrate their understanding of the meaning of integers in relation to their position and value on the number line.

Closing Summary

15 minutes

Student Presentation: Select students will be chosen to present their answers to worksheet from the independent exploration. These students will write their answers on the board. After all the answers are on the board, the class will discuss the accuracy of each solution.


As a ticket out the door, the students will write a brief paragraph answering the following question; What is your understanding of the vocabulary word absolute value?