Rocking Operations with Fractions - Assessment

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SWBAT show proficiency level with standards 4.NF.1, 4.NF.2, 4.NF.3, and 4.NF.4 in a summative assessment.

Big Idea

In this lesson students spend the hour taking a written summative assessment of fraction concepts.

Application and Procedural Fluency

50 minutes

In this lesson, students complete a summative assessment about fraction concepts.  All good teachers constantly assess their students’ learning. I recognize the need to understand what and how my students are thinking, and use this to enhance their future learning.  I do this daily as formative assessments in observation form, and informal ways like exit tickets and quick writes.  I do use summative assessment as well in my classroom.  That being said, when students perform poorly on a summative assessment, I still use this information to make re-teaching groups and establish intervention activities. 

See the resource section for each page of the assessment my students completed.  Also, please check out my reflection section to hear valuable and important information about knowledge I learned from my students taking this assessment as well as student work samples.  All pages from this assessment were borrowed from the Howard County math wiki website. You can check out their open source resources here