Time to Kiss This Nonseuss Goodbye!

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SWBAT choose their favorite from an assortment of Dr. Seuss books and state a reason why for their choice. Student Objective: I can write about my favorite Dr. Seuss book.

Big Idea

As a culminating activity for our Dr. Seuss author study, we have a "Dress Like Your Favorite Seuss Character" Day and write about our favorite Seuss stories.


10 minutes

A couple of days prior to teaching this lesson, I send a note home to parents to let them know we are having a "Dress Like your Favorite Dr. Seuss Character" day in kindergarten. We do this to emphasize and recognize the hard work that the children have put into this unit. The children can wear their costumes and we will parade up and down the hallway.   It is fun to show off to the older students in the building just how much the children have learned about Dr. Seuss during this Reading Month unit.  When we come back to the room, the children share which character they are representing and why that character is one of their favorites by Dr. Seuss.


20 minutes

Because this is a culminating activity for our unit on Dr. Seuss, I like to give the students some silent reading time to reread and explore the many Dr. Seuss books that I have in my collection. All year we have been working on "building stamina", so this gives them another opportunity to work on the skill of staying focused for any extended period of time.  Since there are often several of the same books, the children like to buddy-up with a friend.  This is also a great time to have parent volunteers sit and listen to children read from the books.  The children feel successful during this unit because many of the books are at their reading levels.  This also affords me time to listen to a few students read and I can take notes on their abilities.

Once the silent reading time is over, and the books are put back on the shelf, I have the children gather on the rug so that we can discuss and plan out the writing portion of this lesson.

Children, now that you have had one more chance to look through the Dr. Seuss books, do you think you could choose just one to be your favorite?  I will call on each person in the class to tell me their favorite book by Dr. Seuss.  Any books that are new to our list, I will write the name of it on the board.  Who can remember what we call the name of the book?  That's right--the title. I will write the titles on the board.  If your favorite book has already been named, I will put a tally mark behind it.  We can count the tally marks to see which book was our overall favorite.


20 minutes

The titles of your favorite books are on the board, so now you have a head start for writing about your favorite Dr. Seuss book.  The page begins by saying, "My favorite Dr. Seuss Book is _______________ because ______________________________."

Since the titles are on the board, you can copy your favorite to your paper, but you will need to think about why it is your favorite and write that down on the second blank.  I would like you to try to sound out the words you are writing, but you can also use other tools in our room.  Where might you find some helpful words? 

(Examples from my room might be the word wall, popcorn word cards, anchor charts, posters, etc.)

If you get really stuck, you can ask a friend for help or an adult, but first I want you to try on your own.

When your writing is complete, please raise your hand so I can come to you and listen to what you have written.