Recapping Act II & Moving Into Act III

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SWBAT review key plot elements of Act II, and begin reading in Act III.

Big Idea

Can YOU remember all that has happened in this crazy play?

Latin Roots Warm Up

10 minutes

This is our daily warm up, wherein students work with two or three Latin roots per day.  The resource that I use to get my roots is Perfection Learning's Everyday Words from Classic Origins.
Every day, when the students arrive, I have two Latin roots on the SmartBoard.  Their job is to generate as many words as they can that contain the roots, and they try to guess what the root means.  After I give them about five minutes, we share words and I tell them what the root means.

The students compile these daily activities in their class journal.  After every twelve roots, they take a test on the roots themselves and a set of words that contains them.

Cloze Activity

25 minutes

Though the CCSS have led us further away from CLOZE activities and more into CLOSE reading, from time to time, it is fun and appropriate to do a Twelfth Night Cloze Activity.  Though I think of it more like MadLibs than a learning strategy, the kids have a lot of fun filling in the blanks, and it's a great way to review facts of a story or play.

I chose to do this activity in class today, because we have had a rash of student absences lately and we have a short class period today for an early dismissal.  Because the absent students have missed out on some key plot points, the cloze activity helps them to catch up on the facts of the play.

Once the students finished the fill-in-the blanks, we went over it together with the class just calling out answers.  While I would never use something like this for an assessment, it was a quick, fun and painless way to recap events.

[By the way, to make the cloze passage, I just copied a plot summary and took out the names and key details.]

Moving Into Act III

15 minutes

After recapping Act II, we assigned parts for reading Act III, Sc I.

You can find the full text of the play online.