Conflict in Drama-Continued

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SWBAT analyze a drama for conflict and the structure for the development of plot.

Big Idea

Can true love break the spell?

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

Today's lesson is a continuation of yesterday's lesson.  To help the students recall what we read, I will have them take out their plot charts and review the work with their Shoulder Partners the information they filled in. 

Next, as a class, we will briefly discuss the first half of the play.  I will ask the students to make predictions about the second half.

This will help us prepare to read the remainder of the drama. 

Independent Practice

25 minutes

Once we have reviewed the play and discussed the important events, I will have the students move back into their groups of five.  Within the groups, I will have them continue reading the remainder of Blanca Flor

As they are reading, they will need to be annotating the text for important details they can use to add to the Plot Diagram Blanca Flor.  I will circulate the room and prompt the students as needed. 

I will encourage the students to stop after each scene to discuss what happened and what was important.  This is a great way to help the students within the group who struggle.  They can contribute with their own thoughts but also see and hear good modeling of analyzing the text.  It is also very powerful when it comes from their peers. 

Allow time for students to complete entire play.  As the groups are wrapping up at different times, stop with each group and chat about the conflict as they are working through the play.  I always start with the conflict because it will help them to identify the climax of the story.  If I know every student has the conflict and I have taught them how to identify the climax by using the conflict, then I feel they have all the tools necessary to be successful with identifying the rest of the plot.  Sixth graders often really struggle with climax and therefore, it can lead to misunderstanding the entire plot. 

Once I know they have it, I allow them to work on their own to complete the plot diagram. 


7 minutes

To bring us back to our objective and to help students see how the plot unfolds within a drama, I want them to reflect on reading a drama.  What are the key elements in a drama that we WILL NOT find in a novel?  How is conflict revealed in a drama? 

I will ask the students to complete a Closure Slip.  This will let me know if I need to re teach, review or if the students are ready to be assessed and move on!