Speed-date Revision

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SWBAT give and receive feedback on their essays by setting revision dates.

Big Idea

Ready, set, date! Give and get essay feedback in a fun, timed activity.

Do Now: Draw a Clock

5 minutes

I start today by asking students to draw a large clock on a piece of paper. I ask them to label noon, 4 and 8. For each of those times, I then ask them to write a question they have about their essay:

  • Do I have enough detail?
  • Do I connect back to the claim?
  • How can I add a dash?

This is a new and somewhat strange activity--students are intrigued, which is exactly how I want them.

Speed-date Revision

20 minutes

I explain that we will be trying a new form of revision today since we've already revised these essays in our usual method. By now, concerns and questions are likely very focused, and some students revising their past-present-future essays may not want to share with the whole class. Thus, speed-date revision (this garners some laughs).

Students will set up a date for their noon, 4, and 8 questions. Then, we will have timed "dates" to give and receive feedback.

I give students a few minutes to arrange their "dates," and then we begin.

I keep time for each date, giving students 5 minutes to exchange essays, read, and give feedback. Students should definitely address the questions listed on the clock and then use remaining time to offer any other feedback they deem helpful. After our 3 dates, students return to their seats to revise with their final feedback for improvement before submission to me for assessment.


20 minutes

Students take the remainder of class to revise their work, polishing grammar and adding and adjusting content based on their speed-date recommendations. I close with a reminder of due dates--we have only our writer's memo to complete before the essays are submitted.