A Summative Expository Essay

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SWBAT produce a polished expository essay by revising earlier written work.

Big Idea

Polish to perfection--writing the summative expository essay.

Do Now: 3 Essays

5 minutes

To start today, I ask students to find all 3 expository essays we have drafted: the past-present-future essay, the extended metaphor essay, and the literary analysis essay. Once the essays are found, students should review all 3 and select their favorite (based on their own criteria).

A Summative Expository Essay

40 minutes

I introduce the summative expository essay to initial groans ("Not another essay!") which transition to joy ("We can choose?!"). I ask students to choose just 1 of our practice essays to revise as their summative and give them the full list of standards to be assessed.

In their excitement, students jump right into revision, clarifying comments I wrote weeks before and cross-checking notes for new skills to be added to create a stronger piece, more easily understood by the audience and more clearly conveying the topic.