Number System Quiz

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SWBAT show their knowledge of the number system.

Big Idea

Students take a quiz on the number system.

Quiz Topics

5 minutes

This quiz will cover the following topics:

- Plotting ordered pairs

- Area of a rectangle

- Finding the distance between 2 points

- Finding the opposite of a number

- Finding the absolute value of a number

- Finding the percent of a quantity

- Converting decimals to fractions

- Ordering rational numbers


Administering the Quiz

30 minutes

Students should be given about 30 minutes to complete the Number Systems Quiz.  They should be given a ruler to use.

Misconceptions and Difficulties

- Students may have difficulty with problem 1, because there are several steps involved.  It may be helpful to remind the students to read the directions carefully and look for the verbs.

- Although the directions specify "write an equation", students may not do so for problem 2.

- Students may only give one quadrant for problem 5, when there should be two.

- For problem 6, students need to simplify completely.

- Students often have difficulties ordering/comparing rational numbers.  For problem 7, it may be helpful to create a number line to determine the order.


* If students should finish early, students should check their work.  In the past I've explained to students that to check their work, sometimes it's necessary to redo the problem completely. If necessary, I will give students loose leaf to complete their checks.