Final Steps: Finishing Up PSA Storyboards

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SWBAT plan and represent a public service announcement on a storyboard.

Big Idea

Proper planning of a project leads to flawless execution of the project!

Finishing Up the Storyboards

40 minutes

Today is Day Three of working on our anti bullying PSA storyboards.  When the students enter the room, there's a palpable buzz.  In this unit, students came up with a way to help our school address its bullying problem.  They've written scripts and have learned about storyboards and began planning their own.  They know that today is the day that they get to finish their storyboards.  

When the students enter the room, they find the example we used from Disney's "Frozen" displayed on the Smartboard and their scripts and storyboards at their "home base".  We do a quick review of the purpose of a storyboard as well as an overview of the rubric.  We read through the quotes again from the storyboard video and answer any last minute questions.  I then let groups begin as I want students to have as much time as possible to work and finish.  

As groups begin working, I circulate answering questions and questioning students about whether or not their drawings actually represent what the camera will be seeing during filming. 


Wrap Up and Filming Prep

15 minutes

Groups of students begin to finish their storyboards at different times.  As they finish, I have them use their storyboards to practice their PSAs.  As they do, some of them realize that their storyboard does not accurately represent what they actually want to happen during filming so they work to make changes.

Once all groups are finished, I collect the scripts and storyboards back.  I tell the students that the storyboards will help me in the filming process and that I will copy the scripts so everyone can memorize their lines.  After all, we can't have actors reading papers during the actual PSA!!

We put the storyboards under the ELMO and review once again what is going to happen during filming.  We also add settings to the storyboards.  One group wants theirs filmed in the hall, most want theirs done in the classroom and one wants theirs filmed outside.  

We wrap up any final questions and leave the classroom feeling prepared for a full day of filming!!