Penning the Public Service Announcement Script

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SWBAT design an anti- bullying public service announcement and create a script to go with it.

Big Idea

Working with a group to successfully plan and implement a project is an important skill in life.

Preparing to Pen

15 minutes

When students enter the classroom today, I have them sit with the groups they formed yesterday in Day One of our Public Service Announcement lesson.  I hand back their rubrics and we review the assignment and the expectations for each grade they could receive.  

I then show the students the job assignment sheet and go over each job's responsibility.  I tell them that their first task will be to assign jobs to each member of the group.

After that, I put a copy of a play under the ELMO.  I used a printable play that you can find here. I pointed out to them the way a script is set up with the characters set off from the dialogue with bold and a colon.  And that what they write will be what the character says.  We talk about whether or not groups think they need a narrator.  We talk about the stage directions and how that helps the actors in the play know where to stand and what to do.  

*A note here:  I actually printed out a copy of the play for each group to hold on to and refer to as needed.  You could also just leave the play up on the Smartboard for them to use.  

After this discussion, there is one more thing I need to show them- the planning sheet.  I again use the ELMO to display the sheet for everyone to see and explain to the students how to use it.  Once all questions are answered, it is time for the groups to go to work.  

Commence the Penning!!

35 minutes

Once all the groups have their materials (rubrics, copies of the play resource, job assignment form and planning sheet), it is time for them to begin working.  I tell them ahead of time that they will not finish today and that is OK.  There is a lot to do before they can actually begin the script writing.  

While the students work, I do what I normally do- visit each group and offer help if necessary. In some groups I have to attend to arguments over jobs and in other groups, I just have to clarify directions and answer questions that have popped up.  For the most part, though, the students are excited to begin the scripts and work diligently until it's time to regroup.  

Gathering Back Together

10 minutes

As we near the end of class, it is time for the groups to stop working and gather together.  I provide a folder for each group due to the amount of materials they have to maintain.  We find a place to keep the folders and review what we have to do for tomorrow.  After all groups have reported out, it is time to dismiss.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!