Now Hear This: Creating a Public Service Announcement

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SWBAT discuss and elaborate on the culture of their school and decide whether or not bullying is a problem and support it with facts and details.

Big Idea

Being aware of social issues and being able to discuss them with peers in an educated way is a valuable life skill.

Do We Have a Bully Problem?

10 minutes

After reading and working with Patricia Polacco's book Mr. Lincoln's Way, my students will be working to create anti- bullying public service announcements.  The plan is for them to work with a group, write a script, create a storyboard and ultimately film their PSAs and broadcast them to classrooms in our building.  

I will have to do a lot of front loading for each step of the process since this is an all new idea for my students.  We're starting with an introduction to the public service announcement.  

When the students enter the classroom, they find a quick write on their desks.  I give them five minutes to complete their entrance ticket and then we can begin.

What is a PSA?

10 minutes

After we collect the entrance tickets, we discuss whether or not we have a problem at our school.  Most kiddos say yes, we do have  bully problem (which I had anticipated) so I asked what could we do about it?  After I let all the students exhaust their ideas, I ask them, "What if we made commercials for teachers to show in their classrooms?"  They thought that was a great idea.  

So, I introduce them to the concept of the Public Service Announcement.  I explain what a PSA is and that we're going to film some.  I want to show them some examples before we begin so they are clear on what a psa is.  I chose examples from You Tube that showed kids acting since that is what will most closely represent what my students will be doing in theirs.  

Here are two examples:  




After showing the PSAs, we create the rubric that will be used to grade the projects.

Creating Groups

15 minutes

The final step in today's lesson is to form the groups.  I want the students to work in groups of four, but in my experience, it is difficult for students to manage making their own groups of four.. My strategy for this is to have the students pick a partner and sticky high five.  Any outliers come to me and they can either pair up or continue to stand and wait.  If students pair up, they join the rest of the class.  The ones that don't find a partner remain with me.

Once the students are partnered, I have them find another pair to work with to create groups of four.  At this time, I tell my outliers to make groups of five.  I record the names for each group and hand out rubrics.  Once each student writes their name on a rubric, I collect all papers and send the excited students on their way with a thinking assignment for tomorrow- do you want to have an "acted out" PSA (like the second example) or do you want to have a PSA where each person just says a line to get the message across (like the first example)?