Musical Fractions - Presentation & Evaluation

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SWBAT present their music compositions to others and explain the mathematical relationships between the notes.

Big Idea

Music is another avenue for learning about math and can help students discover the structure of fractions in a new way!


5 minutes

This lesson is the culmination of our unit on Musical Fractions.  Some students are about ready to present their music to the class and others are still working on preparing their presentation. I quickly review the steps for preparing the musical fractions presentation:

1. Save and name the music score!  Share with the teacher, if possible.

2. Write out the fractional notation for each measure NEATLY, on paper.

3.  Be prepared to explain the structure of each measure and the relationships between the fractions.  


Play the musical composition in Screencast-O-Matic and add your narration at the end!

Save as a movie and tell the teacher!  Then I will upload it to Google Drive so we can easily share each student's work!

Active Engagement

55 minutes

Students finish writing up their fractional notation for the musical compositions and then they will come to the carpet and we share students compositions and fractional notations.  

If we had 30 computers I would have students rotate around the room but we have 12-15 mini laptops.  It takes enough time to log in and out of accounts that instructional time would be lost, so in my case it makes more sense for me to queue up the presentations and then call students in a random order to explain their fractional notation (which I project either from a Google doc or, preferable, they have written it on paper and I can use a document camera) that accompanies their music.  

I repeat the precise language I hear, and provide vocabulary support to ELLs by keeping sentence stems and key terms posted alongside the board where they will be presenting.

Here is an example of a student's work. Enrichment Notation 64ths

It can help to have students engaged in a related task while they are listening to other students presentations, so I created this Music Review Page.  Another option is to have them monitor their peers' work with this  reviewer checklist.