Mapping Stories with Patricia Polacco: The Continuation

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SWBAT read a piece of literature and identify the fictional elements within as identified through a story map.

Big Idea

Understanding and being able to isolate the elements of fiction in a text is an essential building block for strengthening comprehension.

Getting Right to Work

30 minutes

In yesterday's lesson, students began work on their right side Interactive Student Notebook activity- reading and story mapping a Patricia Polacco book.  What I knew going into it was that it would take my students a while to just get through the book so even though I made the story map available, not many got to it.

Today, when they enter, they find their book that they chose along with a story map.  Because of yesterday's lesson wrap up, the students immediately know what to do and begin working.  I walk around and check in with each group to make sure they're done reading the book and have begun to complete the story map.

Finishing and Gluing

20 minutes

During this working session, I turn on the music and visit each group while they're working to answer questions and offer assistance.  I do notice right away that their plot events have improved.  I have the conversation with many groups about what is important and what is not important, but overall, that element is improving.

Once all the pairs finish, it is time to glue the story map into the student notebooks.  Putting my model notebook under the ELMO, I instruct the students to trim the story map until it fits and to glue it sideways.  Once everyone finishes gluing, it's time for the book talk.

Book Talk Anyone?

15 minutes

After we glue and clean up, it's time for the book talks.  Most times I require everyone to share, but because my students are not that familiar with book talks, I only take volunteers. Surprisingly, though, almost everyone volunteers.  They weren't all great, but I was so proud of my kiddos to see them try!!

We wrap up class with my telling the students that in the next lesson, we will be reading Patricia Polacco's autobiography and thinking about and making predictions about her stories.