Creating an Argument: the Structure of Claims and Evidence

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SWBAT write an argumentative essay by developing and incorporating claims and secondary claims that are supported by textual evidence.

Big Idea

What's your claim and the extremes of your claim? What the best resolution to your argument? Let's write!

Let's Get Started: Quick Review of Organization

5 minutes

Since today is a short class, it's important that we get started on our writing right away.  Therefore, I ask the students to take out their graphic organizers from the last class.  They worked in groups to complete an argumentation graphic organizer on their assigned topic for this essay.  Today they will independently write an essay based on the structure of MLK's "The Ways of Meeting Oppression" and using the information they wrote on the graphic organizer (W 9-10 1A). 

Applying Knowledge: Writing an Argument

40 minutes

Today students have time in class to write their essay based on the prompts and the  graphic organizer they worked with a partner to complete in the last class. Students are writing argumentative essays based on the style of  Dr. King's "Ways of Meeting Oppression." They have to craft claims and counterclaims and support them with evidence (W 9-10. 1b).  

The students developed their plan for writing in the last class, now they have this class to write. By giving them class time to write, students have to stay focused on developing their writing stamina. They have a finite about of time to finish. Therefore they can't take a long break and play on their phones or chat.  They have to maintain their attention on their writing and use their resources (the graphic organizer, dictionaries, etc.) to construct an essay using a formal style and appropriate tone (W 9-10.1d). The essay will be assessed using a holistic rubric that I regularly use to grade their essays. 

Wrap Up: Finalizing the Resolution

5 minutes

As time runs out, I give the students a five minute warning.  I let them know if they are not finished writing their argumentative essays, they can finish them for homework.  The quality of the essay is more important than the time it takes to write it, so I encourage students to take their work home to write and revise before turning it in.