Review Game: Lingo

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SWBAT review the important topics of this unit.

Big Idea

The game show Lingo inspires this conic section review.

Check Review

20 minutes

Today we start by going over the unit review that students completed for homework. I will show the answers while students check their work and discuss with their table groups.

We will go through questions as a class. Students will usually ask about #1 since it is has to do with systems of conics - a concept I didn't explicitly teach this unit.

My students will almost always ask about question #10. Many students will put -38 degrees at their answer and the answer key says 52 degrees. We will talk about why both are acceptable answers. An important distinction to make is that if you rotate -38 degrees or 58 degrees, the graphs will look identical but the equations will be different. This is because for -38 degrees the x' axis is in quadrant IV and for 52 degrees the x' axis will be in quadrant I. Most students get -38 degrees for their answer since they use inverse tangent on the calculator, so this is a good opportunity to review the restricted range of the inverse trig functions.

Review Game: Lingo

30 minutes

Here is a review game that we will play as a class to get ready for our assessment over conic sections. This PowerPoint has questions that can be used with the class. I discuss the rules of the game in this video below.

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