Movie vs. Book

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SWBAT compare the video version of the teleplay "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" to the actual teleplay.

Big Idea

Was it how you pictured it? Students view the the Twilight Zone's episode 'The Monsters are Due on Maple Street' and compare it to the actual teleplay.

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

Most people are always a little disappointed when a book is turned into a movie.  It never seems to turn out how we imagined it.  Today we are going to be comparing the movie to the teleplay, so I want the students to start thinking like a director. 

I will ask the students to take out the play, look over their plot chart and their notes and create a list of props they will need if we were to turn this teleplay into a television show.  What props are mentioned throughout the story.  I will have them record their answers to this question and the following questions on the Advanced Organizer

Next, I will have the students determine the setting.  Where would we want to film?  What would we need?

Then, I want the students to imagine the actors.  What do we picture these characters to look like?  Have the students make a few notes next to the characters names. 

Finally, I will ask the students to think of any problems I may have, as a director, making this teleplay come to life?  (Aliens, UFO, etc...) 

I will record their lists onto the board.  This is just a fun way to engage them in the video and spark up conversation about the process of turning a story into a movie. 


45 minutes

I will inform the students that today we will be viewing the television show "The Twilight Series" and in-particular the episode "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street."  I know this will create some excitement and the students will be anxious to start.  However, I want to keep the objective of today's lesson clear. 

I will ask the students to take out their spirals and open to the next blank page.  I want them to take notes on the movie.  How are the conflicts developed?  I will ask them to take notes on the conflicts, characters, setting etc.  We will use these notes to make comparisons to the play. 

I was able to purchase the DVD for the "Twilight Zone" but you can get rough versions of it on YouTube. 

I will play the video, but pause often to give the students a chance to make annotations and discuss anything that is sticking out; reactions to characters, changes, etc...

Once you have finished watching the video, give the students a few minutes to complete their notes and write a quick reaction down.  I like to require them to write their reactions down first before sharing-this way they are able to really process before they speak. 

Then, I will have a few students share their reactions. 


15 minutes

The objective of the day is to have the student compare the experience of reading a drama verses the experience of watching it on screen.  To do this, I will have the students use their notes from reading the teleplay and their notes from watching the video and complete a Venn Diagram.  This will help them organize their thoughts when comparing the two experiences. 

It will also help me assess their comprehension of the structure of both.  Students are very visual and I'm sure have to infer less while viewing the television show than they do when reading a drama.  This makes the comprehension much easier. 

I will allow students time to work on their own to complete the Venn Diagram.  I'll give them about 10 minutes, but if they need more time, I will adjust.  I am not sure what to expect and don't know how much guidance I will have to provide.

Once they are done, I will have the students share their responses with their group in using a Round Robin

I will collect their Venn Diagrams to use as an assessment. 


5 minutes

For today, I want the students to think about the structure of a drama verses the structure of the show.  How does the structure help to develop the plot?  I will ask the students to complete a Closure Slip.  I can use that to assess their understanding and to determine how much time I need to spend on the standard or if any students need reteaching.