Tell Me About It: Writing a Personal Narrative Final Copy

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SWBAT produce a piece of writing that is error free and follows the format of a personal narrative.

Big Idea

Being able to produce error free writing is an essential life skill.

What Day Is It??

10 minutes

Today is final draft day!!!  I have done my best with this writing lesson to keep all the kiddos on the same pace.  On other writing lessons, I let them work at their own pace and just keep different groups, but since this is a district requirement and has a due date to my principal, I need them to get done at the same time.  

Today's assignment is simple enough.  When the students arrive, they know it's final copy day.  I meet them at the door with their papers, a new sheet of paper and a brand new pencil sharpened just right for writing!!

Once they all sit down, we begin.  I ask the students what today is and they all say, "Final copy day!"  I explain what is expected of them- a final draft with paragraphs, details and no mistakes and then I let them begin.

Final Copy Work

30 minutes

Once the students are settled, I turn on their favorite music and they begin.  It doesn't take too terribly long for students to finish, so as I have some finish, I let them loose on the computer to try to type their stories.  This always seems to motivate the others and before long, the stories are all on my desk ready for me to grade!!

Once all the students are finished, I read them a few Patricia Polacco books- just for enjoyment!!