Comparing Futures with Film Day 3/3

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SWBAT compare the central arguments of how technology will influence people in the future by comparing the central ideas of a futuristic film and novel

Big Idea

The varied arguments about the influence of the virtual world seem to all have a central concern: our relationships with each other.


Finish film/Free-Write and Discussion

70 minutes

Today we will finish the final twenty minutes of the film before exploring the multiple central ideas it presents and comparing the ideas it suggests about how computer technology influences humans with those of Ready Player One.

To do this, students will spend ten to fifteen minutes free-writing after the film in response to three questions:

--What are the central ideas of Her?  What leads you to these ideas?

--How do these central ideas compare to those of Ready Player One?  How does each author approach the question of how computer technology will influence us?

--What is the relationship between language and visual in the film?  Refer to “Show and Tell” in considering this question.

I am having the write for two reasons:  one is that there are a couple students in the class who are reluctant to speak out in the class without prompting, so having them write first makes it okay for me to ask them to share without putting them on the spot—they feel okay because they have something to say; the second reason is to get some written feedback from each student about the film—in discussions I hear from a number of students, but not all of them equally, and I want to get better data to look at in considering how the film helps them learn how to use multiple sources in considering a big question. 

After they have written, we will attack each question in succession.  I will first open the floor to whoever wants to begin the conversation, and facilitate as necessary.  Since we have introduced a number of topics in our fifteen minute discussions at the end of the last two class periods, and they have been quite excited to talk about the film, I think they are primed for a strong discourse with high participation.  I will play a more active role today, however, in keeping the discussion to the prompts and perhaps asking other students who don't vocalize their thoughts as much to participate.