Comparing Futures with Film Day 2/3

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SWBAT compare the central arguments of how technology will influence people in the future by comparing the central ideas of a futuristic film and novel

Big Idea

The varied arguments about the influence of the virtual world seem to all have a central concern: our relationships with each other.


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70 minutes

Today will be a repeat of yesterday, with us watching a good chunk of the film Her before processing what they see.  I didn’t quite time things well yesterday—when I checked how much we have left, I saw that I would be about two minutes short if we just watched the film today.  Watching two minutes of the end tomorrow isn’t enough to allow students to get back into the content, so I will leave about twenty minutes or so for tomorrow.  

Yesterday the students fell into a great discussion of the film and Ready Player One, with a particular emphasis on relationships and loneliness without much prompting from me.  Therefore, I will follow the same procedures. . . or lack there of. . . by stopping the film and letting the students run the show, with me interjecting follow-up questions or guidance.  Essentially, I'll be one of the participants.  

Next Steps:

Tomorrow we will do some more organized review of the film after watching the rest of it to more formally bring the central ideas and comparisons together.