Shake It Up Multiplication

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SWBAT solve multiplication problems with fluency and accuracy.

Big Idea

Solving multiplication problems at random requires students to develop fluency.


10 minutes

We have learned a lot of tools and tricks for solving multiplication problems along the way this year, and I love seeing all of you put those tools to work to help you as you solve problems. What does it mean to multiply? What do you know about the relationship between multiplication and division that helps you understand multiplication?

I expect students to discuss their understanding that multiplication involves making equal groups, with an amount in each, and that multiplication products are larger than the factors.

Now who can share with me one of the ways they solve multiplication problems?

We learn a lot of skip counting songs and ways to draw models so we stop here to review these strategies. 


35 minutes

When you go back to your seats today each partnership will have 1 egg carton box and 2 blue blocks.  You will shake the closed egg carton and see which numbers your 2 blue pieces fall into. Whatever problems you land on, you both must record and solve. Make sure you close the top before you shake so it’s not raining blue blocks in the classroom today!

To do this activity you need empty egg cartons and small counters (or pennies, or whatever you have). Write a number in each egg spot and when students shake the egg carton, the counters will land on 2 numbers. Those are the 2 numbers students will use to multiply. As students are working it is important to lean into the learning and ask questions about their work (ie: what are you working on? Can you explain this problem to me? What does this model show?). Any students who need additional support can easily be pulled into a small group during this time.  


5 minutes

Wow I saw a lot of you really getting quick at solving the multiplication problems you were landing on today! Why is it important to start to really understand our multiplication facts? Why would that help us to solve problems more quickly and correctly? 

I want students to start to recognize that as numbers start to get larger, the picture becomes harder to draw and takes more time. I encourage students to use whatever strategies and tools work best for them, but when we get to 2 by 2 digit multiplication it will be difficult for students to draw out a model.