Mapping Stories with Patricia Polacco: Interactive Student Notebook Right Side Activity

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SWBAT work with a group to complete a story map for the story of their choice.

Big Idea

A deep understanding of the elements of fiction leads to better overall comprehension of fiction texts at all levels.

Right Side Introduction

10 minutes

Today will be day one of our Interactive Student Notebook right side activity.  The right side activity is the synthesis side- the more creative side- the side where the students get to apply what they've learned on the left.

Today students are going to choose a Patricia Polacco book and work with a partner to story map it.  The higher achieving students will work with a partner to supply text excerpts for each element of fiction- similar to the exit ticket from the previous lesson.  I tried to pick books that lend themselves to the story map as well as books that I don't think we're going to be using later on in our unit.  The books I've chosen are Picnic at Mudsock MeadowMy Rotten Redheaded Older BrotherAppelemando'sDreamsMrs. Katz and TushGinger and PetuniaBabushka's DollSomething About Hensley's andThe Art of Miss Chew

When students enter, they find the books spread out around the room.  They know it's "Right Side" day and they're ready to hear instructions.  I explain to them that they are going to choose their own partners and their own books to work with.  I show them the story map- the same one from the pretest- and tell them that after the read the story, they'll work with a partner to map the story of their choice.  

Choose Your Partner- Choose Your Story

40 minutes

I let the students choose their own partners for this activity but I advise them to choose people who's reading level is similar to theirs.  (In our class, we ALL know our reading level!)  I have them choose homogeneous pairs because I need my higher readers to work on the text excerpts instead of the story map.  

After we find partners, I direct the students to find the book of their choice.  Most of my students haven't read any of the books, so they choose strictly by the cover- although a few do open the book and flip through it.  

Once the students choose their book, I instruct them to read the book before they begin the story map.  It is at this time that I pull the higher readers together and discuss how their right side activity will be different.  Once they understand what to do, I let them begin working as well.  

I do leave the story maps out and tell the students that they can get a story map when they are done reading the book from cover to cover.  I don't pass the story maps out with the books because I want them to focus on the literature first.  


More Time Tomorrow

15 minutes

Near the end of class, I gather the students back together.  Only a few pairs got to the story map which is why I made this a two day lesson.  The one thing that must be taken into account about these books is the length and the content are such that it takes the kiddos forever to read them- not a bad thing- just a thing!! SO, we'll pick this back up on Day 2 when they will complete their story maps and give their book talks.