Fundamentals of Fiction: Interactive Student Notebook Left Side Activity

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SWBAT complete a foldable showing each element of fiction and its definition.

Big Idea

Understanding the elements of fiction is necessary for deep comprehension of fiction texts.

The Bottom Line: Reviewing the Data

10 minutes

When the students enter today, they are very excited to know how they did on their pretests.  I had to break it to them that there were no 3s on the pretest.  (A 3 in my district represents on grade level work)  They were disappointed, but they understood that the show must go on and we need to start at the beginning of the elements of fiction.

I show the students my completed foldable and explain to the that today they're going to complete their left side activity.  It always gets my students excited to pull out their notebooks so this kind of takes away some of the sting of not being on grade level for the elements of fiction. 

Filling Out the Flaps

40 minutes

I hand out the foldable and instruct the students to cut along the lines until they get to the skinny column on the left side and glue that skinny left side flap onto the left hand side of their Interactive Student Notebook.  I do this as well under the ELMO so my visual learners can follow along as well.  Another thing I find helpful is for the students to close all the flaps and use their pencil to trace on top of each flap- it makes a nice box on their notebook paper so they have a guide to keep their definitions neat and tidy.  

Once everyone is cut and glued, it is time to discuss the definitions.  One flap at a time, I ask the students what they think the definitions are and we discuss.  I always let three or four people give their ideas before we begin discussing- especially if the class has no idea what the word means.  

So, under the ELMO, we arrive at the definitions together and copy them under the flaps of our foldable.  I like to give students easy to remember definitions- synonyms if you will- to make it easier for them to recall.


Exit Ticket

15 minutes

After each flap is done and discussed, it is time for an exit ticket. Later on in the unit, the students will be practicing each of the skills they showed weakness on in their pretest, but for now, I want them to review the broad elements that we just finished working on in our notebooks.

I give them the last few minutes of class to finish.  Then I collect the exit tickets and send them on their way.  

A note here:  If there is time, I would read the book that the excerpts came from.  The artwork is adorable in this book!!