Tying Up Loose Ends

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SWBAT listen to "So B. It," complete the documentary with a reflection, and share their write arounds.

Big Idea

How does the documentary "The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes"connect to the central idea of the unit? Can we thematically link film & literature?

Read Aloud: "So B. It"

20 minutes

At this point in the novel, students are extremely engaged in the story "So B. It" By: Sarah Weeks.

We are coming to the close, so kids are engaged and constantly begging for more. I love this book because every chapter ends with a cliff hanger. For me, it is always better to leave kids wanting more of the story then dragging on a little too long. One chapter a day is perfect.

Complete Documentary: "The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes."

15 minutes

A few days earlier, we began the documentary, The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes.

I spent an extra day just watching the documentary, because it is a bit long.

Today, they'll continue watching. At the end, they'll need to complete a reflection.

Complete Reflection: "The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes" In Pairs

20 minutes

In pairs, they'll begin to process what they just learned during the documentary. I let them choose their partners for this "The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes" Reflection.

I really like this reflection, because it asks students to think critically and compare, or find similarities between the documentary and their Overcoming Obstacle novel.

Here is a student sample of the documentary reflection.

Write-Around Share

15 minutes

My kids this year love to share their writing! They always ask! I try to dedicate some time at the end of a period to fit in share time.

Here is a Student Sample(2): Climax Writing Assignment from the previous day's lesson.

For me, I only allow kids to share if they're willing to put their writing underneath the document camera. It's much easier for the class to follow along. I love this assignment because multiple people contribute to one piece of writing. This increases engagement during share time, because more people are invested in the writing.