Peer Review of Character Analysis Essay

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SWBAT: identify the components of a literary analysis in their partner's essay, and offer constructive feedback.

Big Idea

Peer review can be a hot mess, but when you pull out the markers to identify the components of a literary analysis essay, kids catch on.


45 minutes

For the whole work time today, I had students peer reviewing. In addition to the questions that SpringBoard asked them to answer in a peer review session in the assignment instructions, we worked on making sure that the literary analysis essays had the following components: topic sentences (or claims), examples and quotes from the text (evidence), and commentary (the analysis).

I sketched a rough outline on the board, and made sure it was similar to what they would find in their partner's work. I also used the following color coded paragraph to show how each body paragraph should have the claims, evidence, and analysis. Finally, I asked that they use hi-lighters or colored pencils to identify each component in their partner's draft. It looked like this:

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Here's how and why I used the Writing reflection for this lesson.