It's Movie Time!

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SWBAT create analog clocks that represent a time listed on a schedule.

Big Idea

If you don’t make it on time, you’ll miss the movie!


10 minutes

What time is it? How do you know?

I have started asking students what time it is all throughout the day, randomly, so that they become increasingly familiar with telling time. It's important to make sure that all students are beginning to relate time in math to the time in our school day, and noticing when the time is is easy to tell or more difficult (close to a new hour is usually a challenging time). I also make it a practice of asking 'why?' and 'how do you know' questions so that students explain their thinking. This is helpful for me to understand what tools they're using to help them (or what tools they're using that lead to misconceptions). It also helps other students see how their classmates are thinking about time which might help them make sense of it. 

I have to tell you guys a funny story from this weekend. Mr. Maffei and I were reading the movie times, and the one we wanted to see was at 3:15. We got ready to go, drove to the movies and when we went to purchase tickets we realized it was at 4:15 and not 3:15! We didn’t look at the time closely, and so we were way too early! Telling time correctly is important for what types of things?

Here we discuss work, school, doctor appointments, sports games and other things that we attend or do that require us to know what time it is.


30 minutes

Today we are going to look at the movie times for our movie theater and we are going to need to record the time on our analog clocks. If the time isn’t written correctly, we are going to miss the movie.

To create the movie times page for students, I went online and pulled up my local theater complex and printed the result. I suggest that when you do this, review the movie titles to remove any entirely inappropriate ones, before creating the final document.

Students will work together to pick movies and movie times and then represent the time on the digital clock. This activity is important because students will need to record the times precisely as they are listed in the schedule (MP6).


5 minutes

Who can tell me what time it is when ____ movie is playing?

What other times is it playing?

Why would it be important to read the clock correctly when you’re attending the movies or other events?

It is so important for us to know what time it is, and what time we need to be somewhere or else we might miss something like our movie!

Here students should be able to tell time correctly (twelve thirty, one forty-five etc). If students still struggle with using the language to tell time, that would be an important thing to note and use to create a small group. It's important that students have the language to tell time before they can more further. Additionally, students who still struggle to use an analog clock I would continue using a judy clock or a hand-made, move able clock so that students can see how the hands move and how the time progresses.