Drafting Character Analysis Essay

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SWBAT: use their brainstorming to create a draft for their analysis essay.

Big Idea

Drafting is dull, but when students have support, they can bust a move!

Work Time

55 minutes

This is one of those days when I give the students large amounts of work time. The population at my school would never be able to get this done at home, so there are often large chunks of my class time that I have to devote to gets simply drafting. 

During drafting time, I generally circulate and confer with the kids who I know need it. Writing an essay of this caliber is difficult, so I need to check in with my struggling kids first. Of course, in other instances, I will work with and challenge kids who already "get it," but this isn't the time. 

The students simply use the directions for the Embedded Assessment in their SpringBoard books to begin the drafting process,

Here's one of my students talking about the writing process for this one:

Here's a student rough draft, a pretty average example of the work I got for the rough draft on this assignment.