Cause and Effect with "Jimmy's Boa" Day Two

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SWBAT identify and record the cause and effect relationships in the second part of the story and then be able to answer questions about the story.

Big Idea

The chaos in the story continues. We will continue to analyze how the interactions between the characters cause the events in the story to happen.

Teacher Background Knowledge and Preparation

     As I said in yesterday's lesson its important that we as teachers teach text structures.  Text structures are how an author structures a particular text.  When we teach cause and effect, we aren't just teaching a reading comprehension skill.  Yes, teaching cause and effect will help students comprehend a text better.  However, as students get older and experience increasingly more complex texts, authors are going to structure a piece of writing in more than one way.  When students do get older and will need to pick apart a text to gain deep comprehension, they need to recognize the different structures within an entire piece of writing.  This is why we separate out these skills when students are younger, we don't just teach them because it's the skill that comes next in our teacher's edition.

     For today's lesson, students will need their student packet from yesterday.  You will also need the story and the Smartboard Jimmy's Boa or Activboard Jimmy Boa lesson again.  Then you are ready to go.

Reading and Discussing the Story and Recording On Our Mult-Flow Map

20 minutes

     I wanted students to have different partners again today.  So I passed out our cards and the students had new partners.  I had students get their packets and I told partner groups which table to sit at.  We were mixing it up again.   If you'd like to mix it up in your classroom I've got some resources here that you could try PartnerPickingCards,   sorting sticks,  and fun ways to group students.

    I started with today's objective and an overview so student's knew what we were going to be doing today.  I said, "We are going to read the second part of the story today and identify why certain events happen in the story.  Remember this is called cause and effect.  If we can identify the cause and effects in the story, we can understand the story better.  We are again going to record our cause and effects on our multi-flow maps and then use our multi-flow maps as a tool to help us answer our questions.  Let's get started!"

     Before I started reading I said, "Today will be a little different.  I'm going to read about an event that happens.  Then we're going to talk about what happens next in the story as a result of the first event.  This is called the effect because the first event has an effect on the characters."  I read to page 14.  Then I said, "I want you to talk to your partner about what happens as a result of Jimmy bringing his boa constrictor into the hen house."  Partners discussed what happened and then we had a class discussion.  I turned to slide 12 on the Smartboard lesson that showed the multi-flow map.  I said, "Turn to page 4 in your packet.  I want you to record the effect of what happened as a result of Jimmy bringing his boa into the hen house on your multi-flow map."

     We continued with the next two events in the same manner. I read page 15.  I turned to slide 13 on the Smartboard lesson.  I said, "Let's look at this multi-flow map.  3 things happened as a result of the chickens squawking and flying around.  Discuss the three things that happened with your partner. " Partners discussed and then we had a class discussion.  I said, "Turn to page 5 in your packet.  Record the 3 effects that happened as a result of the chickens squawking and flying around on your multi-flow map."

     Finally, I turned to slide 14 on the Smartboard lesson.  I said, "Two things happen as a result of Jenny getting mad.  Listen carefully for those 2 effects when I read this next page." I read page 16."  I said, "Talk to your partner about the 2 effects that happened as a result of Jenny getting mad. "  Partners discussed this and then we had a class discussion.  I said, "Turn to page 6 in your packet.  Record the 2 effects that occurred as a result of Jenny getting mad on your multi-flow map."  Now it was time for students to do their independent work.   You can see two videos here Our First Effect - Day 2 Jimmy's Boa, and Our Second Effect - Day 2 Jimmy's Boa.  You can see how my students discussed, wrote on their flow maps and then did their independent work which we'll discuss in the next section.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

     I turned to slide 15 on my Smartboard lesson.  I said, "Just as we did yesterday, you are going to answer some questions about the story.  You shouldn't have to work with your partner  because you have your multi-flow map to help you out. Use your multi-flow map as a tool.  Turn to page 7 in your packet.  You will do the questions on pages 7-8 today.  Let's read them together.  Question 1 says, What happened after Jimmy brought his pet boa constrictor into the hen house?  Question 2 says,  What happened after the chickens started squawking and flying around? Question 3 say, What happened when Jenny got mad?   We've been working on restating the question as the first part of our answer and answering our questions in complete sentences so don't forget to do that."

     Just as I did yesterday, I walked around the room, helping if students really got stuck.  My strugglers needed some support with reading the questions, so I helped them with this.  And just as I did yesterday if I saw a student not restating the question as part of their answer or not answering in complete sentences I would ask them to reread their work. I would say things such as, "What do you notice about your answer? Can you point to the place where you restated the question?  Did you answer in a complete sentence?" I am trying to get my students to the point where they look at their work a bit more critically.  I think this is more valuable then me saying, "This is wrong, go back and fix it this way."  You can see how my students discussed, wrote on their flow maps, and answered their questions in the video here: Our Third Effect - Day 2 Jimmy's Boa.


5 minutes

     My students loved throwing the koosh ball around so much yesterday that we did it again today.  Look at the video of our closure Our Closure - Day 2 Jimmy's Boa.  We are horrible at throwing and catching the ball.  Boy do we need practice!