Area Assessment

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Students will be able to determine the area of a figure on a grid and defend their problem solving strategy.

Big Idea

Area questions can be asked multiple ways and the area can be found by using different strategies.


5 minutes

I’ve loved seeing your understanding of area grow. I see that everyone takes their own unique problem solving journal to find the answer, but still arrive at the correct solution. Today I have a few questions here that have given me some trouble. Can you help me figure them out? I want each of you to take some time to solve these problems and show me how you arrive at your solutions (MP1).


25 minutes

As this work is intended as an assessment, students work independently and must show their work as well as solve their problems. It is important for me to see where any breakdowns in understanding occur, which I why I chose different wording for each question.  

After students complete the assignment I take away all pencils and hand each student a red pen. Students will correct their own work so that they can also recognize where their breakdowns occur. I have a few students come up to the board to model their strategy (I have example of the assessment already written on the board).

Learning Community

20 minutes

Using a learning community is a new approach that I’m trying out. I have noticed so much growth when I group different students together, so I decided to group students with a peer who solves using different strategies. Together, they are going to "correct" this assessment by sharing their solutions and strategies. Their interactions with each other are guided by our Accountable Talk Class Discussion Prompts.

I have assigned you each a teaching buddy. I want you and your buddy to explain each problem to one another and show them the route you took to your solution. We can learn so much from each other, just as you learn from me and I learn from you, so make sure you explain your work very clearly to your buddy (MP3).

Any students who did not pass the assessment (I walk around to see as they’re correcting their work) I pull into a group with me so that we can work through the problems together.