Design Your Dream House- Day 2

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SWBAT design a dream house and determine the area of the house in square units.

Big Idea

Area comes alive when you design your own space.


5 minutes

Yesterday after we did our gallery walk we all did some reflection about our designs. Some of us realized that without walls or doors it was very tough to determine the area of each room. We also noticed that without a bathroom it might be difficult to live in the house! What I thought was particularly great was when I saw many of you creating a VERY long list of things you wanted in your house, but then when it came to designing you realized that the area of each space had to be pretty small if you were going to fit it all!

Independent Work

30 minutes

Today I want you guys to return to your work and make any changes and adjustments to your designs that you want (MP6). Make sure that you have your home list, your home design completed with any editing, the area of each room and the total area of your home (MP4).

Gallery Walk

5 minutes

Today we are going to take some time to share our beautiful homes! Let’s all set our work out on our tables and do another gallery work to admire the work of our classmates. Be sure to pay attention to the ways your classmates chose to design their home, the area of each room based on the number of rooms they have and any other wonderings you might have about their design.