Vocabulary Fifteen Review

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SWBAT participate in a guided review of the week's vocabulary words, the first batch culled from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Big Idea

It's a sin not to notice the vocabulary of this mockingbird!

Vocabulary Fifteen Review

40 minutes

Friday's are generally vocabulary review days, and this set of ten words is pulled from two sources: the article on the relevancy of To Kill a Mockingbird that my students read in this lesson (ubiquitous, opus, temerity) and chapter one of the book itself (assuage, impotent, taciturn, vapid, malevolent, predilection, nebulous).  

The final slide in the powerpoint lists the vocabulary homework options from which my students can choose, which has become the norm this trimester.  By providing my students with choice, the idea is that they select an assignment that helps them best study for the vocabulary quizzes.

We are moving into a week of shortened class times next week, to accommodate student-led, parent conferences.  Because I will not be posting all lessons from that week, I have attached the vocabulary quiz for this set of words here.

Choose A Character

15 minutes

I have an end-of-unit project planned for To Kill a Mockingbird that I will more fully explain in a future lesson, and the project begins by assigning each student a character from the novel.

This next portion of the lesson involves my moving from student to student, allowing them to select a character name from a box.  I instruct them to write the name of their character at the top of their focus-question log, and I record their character's name in a log of my own as well.  Whatever left over character names remain after I make my rounds are paper clipped together, marked for which class they correspond to, and saved in my desk, should the need arise for a student to select a new character.  

The characters I have included in the drawing are as follows:

  • Atticus Finch
  • Scout Finch
  • Jem Finch
  • Calpurnia
  • Dill Harris
  • Miss Rachel
  • Miss Caroline Fisher
  • Miss Maudie
  • Aunt Alexandra
  • Uncle Jack
  • Mrs. Dubose
  • Arthur (Boo) Radley
  • Nathan Radley
  • Heck Tate
  • Mr. Walter Cunningham
  • Judge Taylor
  • Mr. Gilmer
  • Mr. Ewell
  • Mayella Ewell
  • Tom Robinson
  • Reverend Sykes
  • Dolphus Raymond
  • Mr. Link Deas
  • Mrs. Merriweather
  • Mr. BB Underwood
  • Walter Cunningham, Jr.
  • Mrs. Tom Robinson
  • Burris Ewell

I always love how excited my students get when they pull a name, even if they don't know who the character is yet.  I guess it's the element of surprise?  Whatever it is, it really gets them buzzing and it's fun to watch.

Whole Group Reading

15 minutes


The time remaining is devoted to whole-group reading of chapter two of To Kill a Mockingbird.  I don't expect that we will get too far into it, though I instruct my students to take out their focus question log in case a good question occurs to them as we read.  This is a good chapter to read as a whole group, especially after the sometimes tough-sell of the start of chapter one, because it is so full of personalities.  I allow student volunteers to share in the reading and stop for discussion between readers.

I assign the rest of chapter two as well as chapter three for homework, as the two chapters together cover Scout's first day of school.  My students will create at least one focus question for each chapter.