Unit Assessment: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs

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SWBAT demonstrate the ability to prove polynomial identities, explain polynomial theorems and sketch and analyze the graphs of higher order polynomial functions.

Big Idea

This written assessment is students' chance to show that they can work flexibly with polynomial operations, sketch and interpret graphs of polynomial functions and understand two important polynomial theorems.

Unit Assessment: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs

90 minutes

Students will use this period to complete Test Polynomial Theorems and Graphs.  This assessment has a "calculator page" and a "non-calculator page" because I want to make sure that students know how to factor polynomial expressions, sketch the graph of a polynomial functions and solve a simple polynomial equation without the relying on the CAS (computer algebra system) functionality of our calculators.  

Teacher's Note:

As a math department, we have decided on a list of skills that students should be able to do without a graphing calculator so I am careful to assess these skills throughout the year. 

I give students both pages of the test at the beginning of the period and instruct them not to put their calculators under their chairs.  They may not use a calculator on the exam until they have delivered the non-calculator page to my desk.  This allows them to budget their time, as they can see the entire test at once.  Because the non-calculator page has a highly visible symbol at the top, it is easy for me to scan the room to make sure no student is using a calculator inappropriately.