Peer Feedback

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SWBAT engage in a written discussion of suggestions to improve and modify one's writing.

Big Idea

What do other students suggest? In other words -- Peer Feedback!


5 minutes

Students took out the clean copy of their paragraph about brothers relationship that they wrote the other day.  Today, students provided peer feedback about paragraph focusing on specific topics as directed. 

First, students set up a Peer Feedback Sheet.  You can easily make copies of this sheet for the students, however, after doing this activity once, students are able to create it themselves on their own paper.

Peer Feedback Sheet:  I have students write their name at the top, underneath label it Peer #1 ____, and beneath that 1, 2, 3 skipping lines, Peer #2  ___________, again labeling 1, 2, 3 with lines skipped, and the same format for Peer #3 ________, 1, 2, 3.


Peer Feedback Begins

25 minutes

I explained that students will be moving to another student’s desk to give feedback about that student’s writing.  Students leave their piece of writing and the peer feedback sheet at their own desk.

In the first round, students take a pen/pencil and move to another student’s desk, write their name as Peer #1 and comment about the thesis statement .  There are three spots for comments – one needs to be a positive comment, the other two should address ways to improve the thesis statement.  The thesis statement should be clear, concise, and address the bias of the writer.  (7 minutes)

When students move the second time, I instructed students to focus on the body sentences.  Did the writer address the two sets of brothers? Is there a claim about the brothers’ relationships?  Is there textual evidence to support the claims?    Students then move to another desk  - read and respond.  I give more time for this portion, since it is more details to respond.  Again, students provide a positive comment and two ways that the writing could be improved.  (10 minutes)

Before the third move, students were told to give feedback about the conclusion.  Is the conclusion tying all the thoughts together?  Also, they should review the writing and circle words that are misspelled. Comments include a positive comment about the conclusion and two suggestions.  (8 min)



20 minutes

After the third response, students were instructed to return to their own seats and read the suggestions left for them.  I reminded them that it is their own writing, so they can take these suggestions or ignore them, however they should consider them.  Students were given the rest of the period to revise. 

Homework was to write the final copy.